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Most entrepreneurs and businesses with an online presence use an online store or marketplace platform to conduct the e-commerce marketing and sales activities locally and globally. According to the resource "eMarketer", by 2025, the total online spending will exceed $7 trillion. To run an e-commerce business, you have to sell something (Pysical Products or Digital Services). The impact of ecommerce is far and wide, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer jobs are projected to increase by 13.4% over the 2020–2030 decade — which is 5.7% points faster than the 7.7% average for all occupations.

In recent years, the number of the online marketplaces has increased. The newcomers are functioning alongside with giants as Amazon, eBay, OpenTable, Uber, Airbnb, and AliExpress. According to research by Internet Retailer, 35 of the current top 75 online marketplaces launched between 2010 and 2015, including physical stores that went online.

  • eBay has a market cap or net worth of $21.46 Billion as of November 27, 2023 ( More details )
  • Amazon net worth as of December 07, 2023 is $1,517.86 Billion ( More details )
  • The marketplace Retailo raises $15 million to accelerate expansion ( More details )
  • The Egyptian handicraft e-commerce startup Muqbis raises funding ( More details )
  • The 9 marketplace startups to watch, according to investors ( More details )
  • Whop Raises $17 Million to revolutionize the Online Marketplace for Digital Goods ( More details )
  • Amazon buying the Dubai-based ecommerce company SOUQ for $580 million ( More details )
  • The Swedish Hybrid Marketplace Norban Raises €2 Million Investment ( More details )
  • The Online marketplace Faire's $400 million funding lifts valuation to $12.4 billion ( More details )
  • Kenya's online marketplace AfricaSokoni raises $445k from an angel investor ( More details
  • Saudi furniture marketplace Baytonia raises Seed round ( More details )
  • The France-based online marketplace Farmitoo for farm equipment, has raised €10 million in fresh funding ( More details )
  • And much more

Bazaaroka eShop programming Souq norban rooser vosbor ebay amazon muqbis farmitoo whop script

The e-commerce is not a fad but a valuable long-term strategy. In just 3 years from now, it’s supposed to take up trillions of dollars in the market share. If you are an online retailer, it’s important to step up on Black Friday. Here’s why: $9.12 billion was spent on Black Friday in 2022—more than the $5.3 billion that customers spent on Thanksgiving and $3.14 billion they spent on Veterans Day that same year. While Black Friday was a big day for e-commerce businesses in 2022, Cyber Monday proved to be even more profitable. Customers spent $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday, compared to the $9.12 billion they spent on Black Friday.

Decisions taken today will likely set the pace for Marketplaces over the mid to long term. The present conditions therefore call for a careful evaluation and focused implementation.

is considered as the most important part while starting your eCommerce Company - built with CodeIgniter, That's why MHDscripts supports you with the best Technology Programming Solutions "Bazaaroka Script" that gives financial freedom, grow your business and many more.

Bazaaroka ecommerce script eshop features

Disclaimer: MHDscripts is not responsible for what you use our software for. Not all scripts provide all the solutions to your business model.

MHDscripts is dedicated to Technology and Applications Development

This Bazaaroka Script is considered as an eCommerce solution, payment solution, shipping solution and also a customer care solution (4-in-1) built with the latest codeigniter framework. Our Bazaaroka Programming Script solves problems related to offering products, offering services, shipping rates, online delivery, guest checkout, members or customers checkout, money collection, customers satisfaction and much more. Bazaaroka supports multiple currencies to fit your customers locally and globally with currency rates api already established, add your products, sell while you sleep, receive your money by a big variety of payment methods, and easy to use admin panel and user interface, and many more. It’s easy to install the Bazaaroka script within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge, even you will get Free Installation + Free 1 Year Hosting + Free 1 Year SSL Certificate + Free 1 Year Support with your order purchase.

Clients "Customers or Users or members" can create an account on your Bazaaroka eShop Platform and save their shipping data for their purchases today and in the future. Each client will get access to his client area with all the features to track his purchases, edit/add shipping addresses, order at any time, contact support and many more.

Even You can enable the option "Enable Guest Orders", which will allow any visitors to purchase any product or service on your Bazaaroka Marketplace without having an account on your platform.

Admin (You - the Website Owner) and your Sub-Admins (Staff or Co-Admins) can accept/decline any product, service, user and many other features. As well as the full control and history for payments, shippings and transactions.

The Bazaaroka Marketplace script is your all-in-one solution to start you own online shipping platform in no-time, it consists of a lot of outstanding features to attract as many customers as possible to your E-Shop, as shown below:

  • Sell Physical and Digital Products / Services
  • Sell License Keys
  • Products Variations and Options with different prices
  • Features Products System
  • Upload Bulk Products
  • Drafts, Pending and Hidden Products
  • Product Preview Options
  • Product Location
  • Product Filters
  • Social Sharing
  • Watermark Feature
  • Upload Bulk Categories
  • Shipping System
  • Wish List
  • Comments and Reviews
  • Abuse / Report
  • Advertising Spaces (Google Adsense)
  • Guest Checkout
  • Membership Plans
  • Social Login
  • Clients Dashboard
  • Vendors/Sellers Dashboard (Add-on)
  • Profile Settings
  • Admin Panel
  • Product Approval Feature
  • Admin commissions or fees on sales
  • Earnings, Payouts, Currency Converter
  • Security System
  • Internal Caching
  • SEO optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi-Language and Arabic RTL supported
  • Custom Fields
  • Internal Blog
  • Internal Chat Module
  • Internal Support Ticket System
  • Google Font Options
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Newsletters
  • Email notifications
  • RSS Feeds
  • Sitemap
  • AWS S3 Integration
  • Maintenance Mode
  • and much more

The Bazaaroka E-Commerce Programming Script comes with a variety of automatic Payment Methods that supports Instant Payment Notification "IPN", supporting Fiat Currencies, Crypto Currencies, E-Currencies, E-Banks, E-Wallets, Bank Transfers, and many more, as shown below: Internal Wallet, Cash on Delivery "COD", Stripe, Paypal, CoinPayments, PayMob, PayTabs, RazorPay, MidTrans, PayStack, iyzico, MercadoPago, Flutterwave, Bank Wire Transfers, SEPA Transfers, IPA Transfers "Manually", Western Union, MoneyGram, Cheques "Manually", Add any Manual Methods, Direct Credit/Debit Card API Connection with your Bank (Add-On), more automated gateways - coming soon

Bazaaroka Marketplace Programming Payment Gateways Processors

Users or Clients can see their insights and statistics with the latest reviews and comments. It's like A B C for any customer to keep him online inside your Bazaaroka Marketplace Platform. it contains a lot of features such as the profile, settings, security, shipping addresses, purchases "orders", reviews, comments, Coupons, Payments History and many more.

Admin can enable/disable most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each sale happening in the system / platform.

The Bazaaroka marketplace comes with all the required features to sell physical products under any category of your choice, Admin set the shipping rates from the admin pannel, and it's already live. Admin can enable/disable product listing approvals from the admin panel.

Admin can enable/disable this feature.

The Bazaaroka marketplace also comes with all the required features to sell Digital products or services under any category of your choice, Admin can set the company percentage per each sale, and it can be auto-delivered after the payment is processed. (Imagine a Delivery at the same time of purchase)

Admin can enable/disable this feature.

The Bazaaroka marketplace also comes with all the required features to sell License Keys or Mobile-Top-ups ePin or Games Codes or Software Credit-Keys under any category of your choice, Admin can set the company percentage per each sale, and it can be auto-delivered after the payment is processed. (Imagine a Delivery of your License Keys at the same time of purchase)

Admin can enable/disable this feature.

Our Bazaaroka Marketplace extra-ordinary Add-On Feature "Multi-Vendors" enables your users or members to list their products or services and sell on your website. Admin can set the fees on the sales % happening in the marketplace. The Vendors or Sellers can see their Earnings inside their Dashbaord and request payout or withdrawal.

Not only thay, the Bazaaroka comes also with Refund Requests in order to keep your customers satisfied with a refund option, and to keep your sellers motivated to sell the best products and services on your Bazaaroka Platform.

Admin can enable/disable this feature.

Allow your customers to leave a comment on any product or service listed on your marketplace.

Allow your customers to leave a review on the products or services they ordered, to keep the transparency and credibility among your customers today and in the future. 

Admin can enable/disable this feature.

Allow your customers and vendors "sellers" to own an internal wallet inside your Bazaaroka Marketplace. They will be able to Deposint Money, Transfer Money to eachother internally, and request withdrawal / payout. This feature is an extra-ordinary to your marketplace, as it can support a lot of buyers that don't know how to pay using the payment methods available.

Admin can choose the default currency, enable/disable any currency and set the currency rate (company profit).

With the recent increase in fraud, a Bazaaroka Compliance has to set limitations to payouts / withdrawals. The Withdrawal privilege ranges now from an Individual "User / client" to a Business "Vendor or Seller" account.

Admin can check / revise each withdrawal request and process it manually.

To give the Admin "Website owner and/or his Staff" more control over where the business to function, MHDscripts has added the Countries supported to the Bazaaroka Marketplace Script.

For the Withdrawals "payouts", we have also added the Banks supported to make your business easier.

Admin can enable/disable any country supported and any payment & withdrawal method.

You can decide to work locally with a local currency or global currency or any currency, setting your fees, prices, vat, and more.

You can decide to work globally with any currency, setting your fees, prices, vat, and more.

You can decide to start your eShop "Online Store" to work locally and then expand it for the globe

Admin can control any feature and setting.

Beside the normal password to access your account, and the google captcha. Admin has more security features to be enabled with a click of a button such as Email Validation and Two Factor Authentication "2FA" Security which is highly advised to secure your clients account. Beside the other securities to be enabled on the server / hosting side such as: Mod-Security, Firewall, and many more. We also have the Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention, Password Hashing and Avoiding SQL Injection.

Admin can enable/disable any feature.

Admin can check all the customers with status (Active, Unverified Email, Blocked customers, All Status), and can send Email to any status.

Admin can check all the sellers with status (Active, Unverified Email, Blocked sellers, All Status), and can send Email to any status.

Admin can check and sub-admins with roles "Staff" (Roles, Permissions, All), and can send Email to admins.

Admin can enable / disable any Feature with a click of a button.

Admin can see the Total Customers, Total Vendors "Sellers", Analytics, Total Purchases / Orders, Total Withdrawals, Total Profits and many more.

Admin can handle his Website settings, seo, thumbnails, logo, content and many more from the admin panel.

Admin can add / edit / enable / disable languages (Multi-Language already available).

Admin can enable / disable the Live Chat support.

Newsletters, GDPR Cookies, internal Blog Articles, Categories, Brands, New Seller/Vendor Request, Caching module, and internal support tickets messages with replies.

If you would like to standout with your Marketplace Solution, You can order any of these add-ons below with your order at any time now or later.

  • Multi-Vendors "Multi-Sellers" Module ( + $450 )
  • Internal Wallet System ( + $250 )
  • NowPayments Payment Gateway API ( + $99 )

Our Developers are currently working on more Add-ons to support your expandable online shopping business

  • Recurring / Subscription Services
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later via a 3rd party
  • More automated payment gateways

Most of the web hosting companies already support our programming script requirements:

  • PHP 7.4 or 8.0 or 8.1 or 8.2
  • MySQL
  • Extensions : JSON, Mbstring, OpenSSL, EXIF, Fileinfo, Curl PHP extension

Get the advantage of our special offer: With your purchase to the Bazaaroka script, you will get the bonuses "gifts" below for Free:

  • Free Installation
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year
  • Free SSL Certificate for 1 Year
  • Free Support for 1 Year
  • Free Consultation and Training Sessions on how to administrate your website
  • Free follow-ups till you successfully launch your business in the way you want and after launching for 1 year for Free

Please read well the description, check the demo and take your time before purchasing. If you have any question, feel free to contact our support team before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy it by mistake. Because we don’t offer a refund.

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