Best Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Network Marketing Software

Multi-level marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing software aids Direct Sales companies and distributors or independent representatives (IRs) throughout the sales and marketing process

MLM provides features that assist with products / services, marketing, lead generation, advertising, customer management, eshop, and distribution.

Network Marketing software is intended for MLM, or network marketing, special for businesses that would like to maximize their sales and keep loyal customers, it’s turning each customer to become an independent representative for your business.


MLM companies use these systems to deploy a marketing strategy (business plan) where profit is derived from three sources:

  1. Direct Sales generated by the independent representatives
  2. Team Sales where commissions are granted to the IRs based on the amount of sales by other individuals they have recruited.
  3. Company Sales where commissions are granted to the IRs based on the amount of sales by the company sales itself.


Network Marketing Platforms often function as an e-commerce tool or an online platform, providing businesses with the payment, withdrawals, transfers, orders and sales management.


MHDscripts helps you to start your own Network Marketing Website Company Today with a well-tested programming and 1 Year Warranty.

  • No Annual Fees.
  • No Monthly Subscription.
  • Just one-time payment for a Life Time


With your MLM Programming Order, MHDscripts offers to you:

  1. Free Installation for the Network Marketing Programming Scripts
  2. Free Hosting for 1 Year for your website
  3. Free SSL Certificate for 1 Year
  4. Free Content Support for 1 Year
  5. Free Technical Support for 1 Year


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You can connect with us on Whatsapp or by Email to schedule an online meeting in case you need professional service or features to be added to your website.


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