MHD Scripts offer the most advanced features to build your own MLM Network Marketing Website, with all-in-one features to satisfy your needs as follow:

1. Membership Package

Package price: $___ / Life Time or (Periodical Subscription)

Admin can enable/ disable a TAX cost on payments & withdrawals.
Admin can enable/ disable a TAX cost on payments & withdrawals.

Package Upgrades and Renewals.

A member can upgrade his membership package by paying the full amount of the new membership package.

A member can extend his subscription at any time through paying the annual subscription cost. It’s getting counted from the payment date of the membership package purchase, then the validity will count from the expiry date of his current subscription.

An Auto Reminder E-mail can be sent to members before 7-14 days before the expiry date of their membership as a remind to motivate them to pay the subscription cost before they lose any future commissions.

2. Registration Process

When a person registers, he will become a member and will get a position in the MLM Network Marketing System once he is a Paid Member.

Registration can be done through

  1. Direct registration (Member registering a downline from inside his account)
  2. Registration using a Referral link
  3. Registration without a Referral link

Admin can set specific sponsor username as a sponsor for the people that visit the website without a sponsor or referral link.

If a person comes to the website through a referral link, we can set a tracking cookie on his pc or on our servers with variable days in order to always see his sponsor username in the registration page.

Registration Fields

Username, First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Phone, City, Country, and Sponsor.

Registration Fields

Admin can easily add more registration fields from inside the Admin Panel.

3. Security (Members & Website)

3a) Member’s Security

Admin can activate the “Validation E-mail (Double Opt-in)”, so members can validate their registration through clicking on the Validation URL inside their E-mail.

Admin can activate the “IP Validation”, so members that try to login to their account from a different Computer/Phone, will get an e-mail to click on the URL inside to be able to login to their Account.

Admin can activate the “Browser Validation”, so members that try to login to their account from a different Browser, will get an e-mail to click on the URL inside to be able to login to their Account.

Admin can activate the “Login Pin / Transaction Pin”, so members that try to login to their account, they must insert their PIN to get logged into their Accounts.
Admin can request Verification by passport/ governmental ID from members while registering or in the future before withdrawing or purchasing any product or services from their commissions.
Admin can Allow/disallow the Depositing Money feature
Admin can Allow/disallow All Members, or Paid Members, or Selected Members (of your choice) to Transfer Money inside the website with or without fees.
Admin can Allow/disallow Withdrawals with Minimum withdrawal, Daily Limit, Withdrawal fees, and Withdrawal times.
Admin can enable/disable new registrations,
set the membership duration (Days/Weeks/Months/Years/LifeTime),
Set a Username Format or leave it for members to set their own Username,
Make the website for Local or Global, and much more.

3b) Website Security

The Master Admin can easily create more admin accounts with specific privileges to get partners or employees helping him to do specific work inside the Admin Panel.
The Master Admin can check/revise/view each Admin Access through a history (Logs) that shows each URL they visited inside the system.
Admin can Enable/Disable CAPTCHA CODE to eliminate bots.
Admin can Enable/Disable Brute Force Attack to eliminate malicious attempts from accessing your server’s services trying to guess the login passwords of your members or admin accounts.
Admin can Restrict IPs / E-mails / Specific Usernames / Specific Words from accessing or being using on the website.
Admin can activate Mail Queue to avoid spam by queuing in sending mass email, but will not work for sending a single email as notification emails.
Admin can purchase SSL Certificate from his hosting company, and easily activate the SSL Certificate to make the website https which encrypts the data transmitted on the website such as registrations, logins and passwords.
We advise you to activate Cloud Flare to increase the protection of the website and to get the website data distributed among global servers.

4. Network Marketing Plan (Compensation Plan)

Free Members can refer paid members.

Free Members cannot enjoy the products or services on the website, except if the Admin enabled that for them.


Example: Direct Commissions:

  • If a Free Member referred a paid member,
    the Free Member will get $xx Direct Commission
  • If a Paid Member referred a paid member,
    the Paid Member will get $xx Direct Commission

Admin can change the commission value at any time from inside the admin panel.

Free members will not earn commission, the free members commissions will be transferred to specific username of Admin Choice.

Once any member pay/renew his subscription, the commissions will be distributed again.

Admin can change the values of the Direct Commissions.

5. Payment and Withdrawal Methods

The Payment Gateways available in your website are:

  • E-wallet
  • E-Pin
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • BitPay
  • info
  • CinetPay
  • CoinBase
  • CoinPayments
  • FasaPay
  • OKpay
  • Payeer
  • PayFast
  • Paynup
  • Paypal
  • PerfectMoney
  • Skrill
  • VoguePay
Admin can enable/disable any payment gateway from inside the admin panel.
Admin can set the Fees % of each payment gateway.

6. Easily Implementing any Services

With our Scripts, it’s so easy for you to add any product or service to your members with our super fast CMS Content Management System.

  • Travel Portal (Through API or Third-Party)
  • Legal Consulting (Content with/without Affiliate Links)
  • Leisure and Entertainment (Content with Affiliate Links)
  • E-Learning (through your Courses Content)
  • E-Shop with Built-in Uni-level Commission
  • Advertising on the website (Text / Banners / Classified Ads) with Advertising Packages.
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Courses and Training Materials
  • Coaching
  • Web TV and much more

7. Additional Requests

Need the website to be Multi-Language (English, Arabic, French, German, …etc)

Marketing Package: Logo Design, Promotional Banners, Brochures, Power Point Presentation, and Explaining Videos.

Need to have Landing Pages inside the system for members

Built-in Support Ticket System with several departments.

8. Mobile Applications

2 Operating Systems (Android + Apple IOS)

All the website features will be available inside the Mobile Applications. Any changes occur in the Website, the applications will be automatically updated.

We will send you the .apk file (Android App) and .ipa file (Apple App) of your mobile application, OR, we can publish your applications on Google Play Store and Apple Store if you have your developer account ready there.

The advanced Features provided are:

  • Swipe to Refresh the App
  • Splash Screen and Icon
  • Push Notifications (Easily notifying your members)
  • Offline and Online Check Status
  • Modern Progress Bar with your app logo
  • Application Crash Analytics
  • Mobile Apps Admin panel

Our Prices include:

  • Responsive Website
  • 2 Mobile Apps (Android & IOS) – Optional
  • Business Plans: of your Choice.
  • Built-in Security, Landing Pages, Support Ticket System, …
  • Marketing Materials and Business Tools – Optional
  • Content Management
  • 1 Year Free Technical Support (Website & Mobile Apps)
  • 1 Year Free Cloud Flare
  • 1 Year Free SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year Free Hosting
  • 1 Year Free Content Support