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The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing (NM) or Direct Selling (DS) is a well-known business model that has been around for decades, and it continues to be a popular way for entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals to make money online. MLM involves selling products and/or services to family and friends and recruiting other people to do the same.

TLC Melaleuca Herbalife Truvy ACN Dzyne DXN MyDailyChoice LiveGood Qnet Avon Mastrata

The global direct selling market size was valued at $200.14 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 6.4% from 2023 to 2030. The growth of the global market is primarily driven by rising demand from consumers to check and validate a product or service before purchasing. New business models have emerged as a result of the internet ecosystem and shifting customer requirements, leading to the rise of direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution channels (Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Multi-level-marketing, multi-tier marketing, IR marketing).

MLM Top Insights 2023 to 2028 statistics Direct Selling

The Direct selling industry is a dynamic and quickly growing route of distribution for product and service marketing. Direct selling offers a significant number of people additional income options and encourages micro-entrepreneurship.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), over 125.4 million direct sellers are anticipated to be involved in the industry in 2020; and this number is expected to rise as the industry grows. Direct selling not only provides revenue opportunities but also imparts transferrable sales and management skills that can be applied outside of the direct selling business.

GLobal MLM Market 200 Billion Dollar Direct Selling Affiliates insights worth

The Multi-Level Marketing is considered a powerful marketing tool depending on the word of mouth for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach potential customers and increase their sales. With the right strategies, tactics and well-established MLM programming script Mastrata, you can leverage the power of MLM to increase your profits and grow your customer base while having a loyal clients and circles.

The Direct Selling and MLM Key players operating in the global market are taking a variety of initiatives in order to gain a larger market share and serve consumers effectively. To support organic growth and market share, leading industry participants are investing in research and development activities. Companies are also developing new products and services in order to diversify and reinforce their present portfolios while also attracting new customers.

To develop eco-friendly and cruelty-free products and obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors, businesses use mergers and acquisitions, as well as strategic collaborations. Some prominent players in this global industry include: Amway, Qnet, Avon, Herbalife, Natura & Co., Vorwerk, Takkah, LiveGood, Nu Skin, DXN, Tupperware Brands, Oriflame, Belcorp Corporation, Mary Kay, and much more

  • Vorwerk generated an estimated revenue of $4.1 Billion US dollars ( More details )
  • Amway Holdings Bhd's Market Cap of $910.7 Million. ( More details )
  • Qnet estimated commissions payout is $15.17 Million per month ( More details )
  • Avon generated approximately 1.33 Billion U.S. dollars in revenue in Latin America ( More details )
  • According to Herbalife's latest financial reports the company's current revenue is $5.02 Billion ( More details )
  • The Natura &Co net worth as of December 06, 2023 is $4.76 Billion ( More details )
  • LiveGood approaching 1 Million Member in less than a year ( More details )
  • Nu Skin's latest financial reports the company's current revenue is $2.00 Billion ( More details )
  • Tupperware Brands claims roughly 1.31 Billion in revenue ( More details )
  • Oriflame Gets $1.3 Billion Offer From the Jochnick Family ( More details
  • The Belcorp annual revenue was $3.03 billion in 2023 ( More details )
  • Mary Kay's annual revenue is $3.0B ( More details )
  • Top 25 MLM Companies - Revenue Worth ( More details )
  • BusinessforHome showing the top global earners in this industry ( More details )
  • And much more

Mastrata MLM Programming Avon Belcorp Tupperware QNET DXN Easy1Up Oriflame Script

The Mastrata MLM platforms serve everyone "individuals and businesses". The Competition in this industry is fierce. There are a lot of online direct selling platforms worldwide, but not all of them stay at the top for a long time. With so many mlm platforms online today, business owners are seeking new ways to stand out from their competitors which means improving your platform and adding more features to stay at the top.

Decisions taken today will likely set the pace for mlm platforms over the mid to long term. The present conditions therefore call for a careful evaluation and focused implementation.

is considered as the most important part while starting your MLM Company, That's why MHDscripts supports you with the best Technology Programming Solutions "Mastrata MLM Script" that gives freedom to grow your business and many more.

All MLM Compensation Plans combined in 1 script buy now

This Mastrata Script is considered as the All-in-One MLM Compensation Plans Full Solution, and also a customer care solution built with Custom PHP. Our Mastrata Programming Script solves problems related to offering products, offering services, different types of all the available Network Marketing MLM Commissions plan, credibility, support tickets, autoresponder, internal news, blogging, faq, security, members or customers, customers reviews and much more. Mastrata supports all currencies to fit your customers locally and globally, list your products, attract buyers while you sleep, outstanding features, and easy to use admin panel, user interface, and many more. It’s easy to install the Mastrata script within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge, even you will get Free Installation + Free 1 Year Hosting + Free 1 Year SSL Certificate + Free 1 Year Support + Free 1 Year Script Updates + Free Guidance and MLM CashFlow calculations with your order purchase.

Clients "Customers or Users or members" can create an account on your Mastrata MLM Platform and save their details to gain access to the extra-ordinary features available in the dashboard. Each client will get access to his client area with all the features to track his purchases, referrals, sales, commissions, withdrawals / payouts, mlm view, edit/add his details, contact support and many more.

Admin (You - the Website Owner) and your Sub-Admins (Staff or Co-Admins) can automate the whole process, enable/disable any member or user and many other features. As well as the full control and history for payments, earnings, transactions, withdrawals/payouts and much more.

The Mastrata MLM script is your all-in-one solution to start you own online network marketing platform in no-time such as Avon, QNET, LiveGood, Oriflame, Bonvoyage1000, Nu Skin, Mary Kay and much more. It consists of a lot of outstanding features to attract as many customers as possible to your platform, as shown below:

  • Dashboard
  • Profile Settings
  • Account Settings
  • Withdrawal Settings
  • KYC and Fraud Protection
  • Notifications
  • User Wallet
  • Vouchers & e-Coupons
  • Automated Payment Methods
  • Manual Payment Methods
  • Automated Withdrawal Methods
  • Manual Withdrawal Methods
  • Membership Packages (One-Time / Monthly / Annually)
  • Membership Restrictions
  • Member Access, History and Logs
  • Business / Compensation Plans
  • Ranks, Pools and Gifts
  • Direct Commissions and Passup System
  • Online Store with commissions
  • Internal eCoupons System
  • Internal Vouchers / ePins System
  • Courses / Stages with upgrade "Add-On"
  • Internal Advertising System "Add-On"
  • Automated Travel Portal API "Add-On"
  • Downloads Center
  • Landing Pages
  • Promotional Banners
  • FAQ
  • News
  • Encrypted Passwords, 2nd password, Login OTP, Email Validation, ...
  • Free & Paid Referrals
  • Compensation Plan Genealogy
  • Support Tickets
  • Online Shop (Sell Products and Services)
  • Internal Captcha & Google Recaptcha
  • Anti-DDOS Security
  • Brute Force Security
  • Block IP / User / Email / Words
  • Watermark Feature
  • Membership Plans
  • Admin Panel
  • Admin Full Controls
  • Plan Configuration
  • Admin commissions or fees on sales
  • Security System
  • SEO optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi-Language and Arabic RTL supported
  • Custom Fields
  • Internal Blog Articles
  • Internal Support Ticket System
  • Google Font Options
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Newsletters
  • Email Queue
  • Internal Auto-Responder
  • Email notifications
  • Email SMTP
  • SMS Queue
  • SMS notifications
  • Admin Settings, history, logs, ...
  • Admin Roles
  • Admin insights
  • New orders, tickets, payments, withdrawals
  • Totals of the system
  • Plugins
  • Roles and Restrictions
  • Mail Queue
  • Maintenance Mode
  • and much more

The Mastrata MLM Programming Script comes with a big variety of automatic Payment and Withdrawal gateways that supports Instant Payment Notification "IPN", supporting Fiat Currencies, Crypto Currencies, E-Currencies, E-Banks, E-Wallets, Bank Transfers, and many more.

You can enable/disable any of the available payment gateways with a click of a button: 
Internal Wallet, NowPayments, CoinBase, CoinPayments, BitPay, Cinetpay, MetaMask, AdvCash, Authorize, Flutterwave, FasaPay, Stripe, SimplePay, Skrill, PayStack, Paypal, PayTM, PayFast, PayNup, iPay88, 2checkout, JazzCash, MonCash, Perfectmoney, Payeer, Payex, Okpay, VoguePay, Internal Vouchers "e-Pins", Internal Credit-Balance "e-Coupons", Bank Wire Transfers, SEPA Transfers, and IPA Transfers "Manually", Western Union, MoneyGram and Cheques "Manually", Add any Manual Methods, Direct Credit/Debit Card API Connection with your Bank (Add-On), and still more automated gateways - coming soon

Direct Selling Payment Gateways CoinBase-Payeer-Coin-Now-Payments-Stripe-Paypal-2checkout-paystack-paymob-authorize

Users or members can see their insights, referrals, wallet, plan genealogy, e-shop, products/services, history, logs, earnings, payments, transactions, withdrawals, settings, downloads, landing pages, banners system, news, tickets, articles blogs, travel portal api "add-on", team and more. It's like A B C for any member to keep him online inside your MLM Platform. it contains a lot of features and outstanding tools.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on payments, transactions, withdrawals/payouts, products/services, and membership packages in the system / platform, beside the commissions distribution of the mlm plans. Admin can enable / disable any feature such as and not limited to:

Mastrata MLM Programming Features Membership packages
You can create many membership types / enrollment packages with unique configuration for each membership such as Setup-fee / Subscription cost, subscription duration , MLM Plans, commissions, Sponsor bonus, Level commissions, Matching, Generations, and many more
Mastrata MLM Programming Features MLM Plans Included
All Matrix plans, Splitting Boards plan, Binary Tree, Pairing Commission, Matching bonus, PassUp bonus, Uni-level, Generations, Free plan, Ranks and Rewards, Pools bonus, Sponsor bonus, Reward points, and many more. Easily configured with enable/ disable feature.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features MLM Membership Features
Such as Upgrade, Renew, Extend, Change, Downgrade, Disable, Delete, Debit/Credit account balance, Extend subsription, Change Sponsor and many more. Admin can control the membership features from the Admin Panel and easily handle any member request.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Network Marketing Genealogies
The best and simple way to represent the hierarchical relation of members with uplines and downlines. Easily view the downlines in each Network Marketing MLM Plan. Admin can set a different genealogy view for most of the mlm plans.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Online Shop / Store
The ability to sell your physical and digital products online inside your MLM platform, with internal order management, shipping methods, receipts, orders status, orders history, and many more. You can give commissions to your members for each e-shop sale happening in their team.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Automatic Payment and Withdrawal methods
A big variety of automatic Payment and Withdrawal gateways that supports Instant Payment Notification "IPN", supporting Fiat Currencies, Crypto Currencies, E-Currencies, E-Banks, E-Wallets, Bank Transfers, and many more
Mastrata MLM Programming Features eShop Products Distributors
You can enable the Distributors "Stockist" feature, set members as Distributors. The Distributors can be categorized and filterd by location or other characteristics. You can offer discounted e-shop product prices for your distributors inside your platform.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Content Management "CMS"
Easily change and enhance the content of your platform, you can achieve that using the Online Content Editor inside the Admin Area. Save your time and efforts, place beautiful content with normal and html view. Even ordinary people can do it.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Membership Security
Beside the normal password to access your account, and the google captcha. You have more security features to be enabled with a click of a button such as Email Validation, 2nd password, PIN, Login OTP, Withdrawal OTP, Passwords with one-way hashing algorithm, KYC, and more.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Membership Validation & KYC Verification
You can enable the Registration validation by email or sms to assure the future communitcation with your customers or members. Not only that, for fraud protection, you can enable the Know-Your-Customer "KYC" Document verification such as Identity Proof and Address Proof.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Vouchers e-Pins Feature
Generate secured Vouchers and allow members to buy vouchers. Vouchers can be used to help any free member upgrade his/her membership using a Voucher. This feature is very important to ease the payment process for the members that don't know how to pay online or need faster solutions while meeting with prospects and potential customers.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features e-Coupon Feature
Generate secure e-Coupons or e-money codes and allow your distributors to buy the e-coupons. Members can purchase e-coupons from your distributors and use it to top-up or fund their account balance inside your platform. This feature helps your members to easily top-up their account balance to purchase a product or upgrade/renew their membership and many more.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Responsive Design
We have been enhancing our website designs for decades to improve the quality, design, and responsivity. The Responsive Web Design makes your MLM platform looks incredible on all the accessable devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. The MLM Platform comes with different templates themes and you can switch between them with a click of a button.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Admin Panel
You can manage your mlm platform using the Admin Panel. You can access your admin area using any browser (Recommended: icognito window - not to save passwords or important data in your normal browser). Admin Panel URL is changeable for higher security. It comes with a full cntrol for each feature.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Internal Support Ticket System
With the internal ticket system, you don't need to install or subscribe to a 3rd party support software, because simply you own it! Full control on staff, support categories and automatic email notifications. You can view, reply, re-open and close any support ticket from the admin panel. Auto notifying admins for the new tickets inside the admin panel and by email. Auto notifying members for the tickets reply inside the members area and by email.
Mastrata MLM Programming Features Multi-Languages Support
The MLM Platform comes normally in English language, and support multi-languages (RTL Arabic Support). You can add any new language or edit the current language to your own custom language by editing the translation file. We are adding ready-made languages to save your time such as: Arabic, French, Spanish, Greek and Italian, once they are ready - you will get them with the Free Updates.


The Mastrata MLM Script comes with all the types of mlm plans combined together in one platform (Affiliate, free plan, Passup, Uni-Level, Cycling matrix, follow-me matrix, company forced plan, multi-stages, subscription matrix, courses education matrix with upgrades in same positions, Matching bonuses, Generations, Splitting Boards plan, Hybord Boards, Board Salary plan, Points system, Ranks with Rewards, Global Sales Sharing Pools, eShop Commissions, and many more) that you can enable with a click of a button and set the commissions distributed at ease. You can create different compensation plans while charging your members -for their membership package- a One-Time Fee or per day or week or month or year with an incredible easy to use and fast checkout to fasten the process. The Compensation Plans included in this MLM Script are:

  • Affiliate: Set the amount of the Affiliate or Direct Commissions depending on the membership package purchased (example: Amazon affiliate, eBay affiliate, ..)
  • Free Plan: Reward Free members with $0.$$ for joining and inviting other free members
  • Passup: Set your passup mlm plan as 1up or 2up or 3up or x-up system and reward your members with infinity width and depth (example: MoneyBee, Easy1up, ..)
  • Uni-Level: distribute commission amount a set of levels (Unlimited width).
  • Cycling Matrix: Set your Follow-Me Matrix with any width and depth (example: 2x2 cycler of BonVoyage1000 MLM USA Travel Company)
  • Forced Matrix: Set your Company Forced Matrix with any width and depth (example: 2x10 Forced Matrix)
  • Subscription Matrix: Set your Company Subscription Matrix with any width and depth (example: 2x12 Forced Matrix of LiveGood MLM USA Discounts Company)
  • Stages Matrix: Set Multi-Stages or Multi-Phases Matrix with auto-entry to the next phase once the earlier matrix phase is filled. (example: Pyxism USA Travel Company)
  • Courses Matrix: A stable matrix for education / courses, where members can upgrade to higher courses while staying in the same positions. (example: Onex QLXChange, 10Xpro, ..)
  • Binary Tree: Distribute Commissions on the binary points volume as a binary pair on balancing of the Left and Right Legs. It comes with additional features such as Matching Bonuses, weekly caps and more. (example: Qnet, Natura & Co, GMI, ..)
  • Splitting Boards: Well-known as Splitting Tables or Splitting Matrix (example: 2x3 Silver and Gold Boards of TVIexpress Asia Travel Program)
  • Points System: Reward your members with additional points, you can allow members to exchange the points to $. (example: Dubli discounts,..)
  • Ranks and Rewards: Reward your members with Ranks, you can set ranks' chriterias with auto add-to-rank cronjob once the chriterias are met.
  • Profit Sharing Pools: Motivate your superstar members or big leaders with the profit sharing pools. Allow them to earn from the company global total sales.
  • Ads Commissions: Additional earnings can be distributed on each Advertising Credits Package Purchased
  • eShop Commissions: Additional earnings can be distributed on each eShop Product Purchased
  • and more

Beside the compensation plans available, Mastrata comes also with built-in outstanding plans as explained below:

  • Ranks and Gifts (Members achieve ranks based on chriterias)
  • Internal Points System (Reward your members with points and allow them to Convert their Points to $)
  • Profit Sharing Pools (Distribute Pools Bonuses from the global total sales among chosen ranks or chriterias)

Keep the transparency and credibility among your members today and in the future. 

Your members can access the features available inside their member's area

  • Dashboard
  • Account (Upgrade, Renew subscription "if enabled", Profile, Settings, KYC, Reviews)
  • Wallet (Deposit "top-up", Transfer, exchange points, Withdraw)
  • Transactions History (Deposits, Transfers, Exchanges, Payouts)
  • Vouchers (Upgrade by Voucher, Buy Voucher, My Vouchers, Vouchers History)
  • Online Store (eShop, Cart, Shipping Address, Purchase details and history)
  • e-Coupons (Use e-Coupon, Buy e-Coupon, My e-Coupons, e-Coupons history)
  • Internal Courses education system with upgrades "Add-On"
  • Automated Travel Portal Api (Flights, Hotels, Taxi, Car rentals, ..etc) "Add-On"
  • Internal Advertising Module: Banner, Text, Classifieds & Solo Ads "Add-On"
  • Team (Promotional Banners, Landing Pages, Free/Paid Referrals, Uni-Level Genealogy, Passup members, Mastrata MLM Plans - Genealogies)
  • Resources (News, FAQ, Blog Articles, Support Tickets)
  • Logout

You can add / edit the member's menu in the way you want.

You can add more services / pages to your members and give access to your members (Choose who to access: Free / Paid / Paid upon membership package) 

Keep the transparency and credibility among your members today and in the future. 

You and/or your staff with roles can access the features available inside your administrator's area

  • Admin DashBoard (notifications, new orders, new payout requests, statistics, totals, ..)
  • Members (Summary, Members List, KYC, Add new Member, Members Balance, Members Packages, Top Members, Top Recruiters, Top Earners, Rating Scores, Export)
  • Online Store (Summary, New Orders, Completed Orders, Generate Reports, Products, Configuration)
  • Internal Advertising Module: Banner, Text, Classifieds & Solo Ads "Add-On"
  • Traffic get-paid Advertising Module: View website, watch videos, share link to earn "Add-On"
  • Vouchers (Summary, Generate Vouchers, Generated Vouchers, Ordered Vouchers, Used Vouchers, Voucher Packs, Configuration)
  • e-Coupons (Summary, Generate e-Coupons, Generated e-Coupons, Ordered e-Coupons, Used e-Coupons, e-Coupons Packs, Configuration)
  • Financial (Summary, Withdrawals / Payouts, Deposits, Upgrades, Subscriptions, Shop payments, Voucher payments, e-Coupon payments, Members Balance)
  • History (Earnings, Transfers, Point exchanges, Acess, Statistics, Errors, Cronjobs)
  • Configuration (Settings, Security, Members Packages, Business plans, Registration fields, Languages, Mailing & SMS Notifications, Payment Methods, Withdrawal Methods, Automated Tasks)
  • Bonuses (Summary, Pools Bonus, Pool members, Ranks & Rewards, Rank Gifts, Rank members)
  • Emails (Send Email or Newsletters, Auto-Responder)
  • Management (News, Content, Reviews/Testimonials, FAQs, Downloads, Articles, Landing Pages, Promotional Banners, Referral Banners)
  • Plugin (SEO, Captcha, Internal Security Tools, Mail Queue, Social, Live Meeting, Live Support)
  • Admin Settings (Quick Menus, Admin Profile, Admin List, Admin Roles, Add new Admin, Admin Access History)
  • Support Tickets (New, Answered, Closed, Create Ticket, Configuration)
  • Logout

You can add/ edit the admin's menu in the way you want.

You can add more features / pages to your admins

With the recent increase in fraud, a Compliance has to set limitations to payment methods and payouts / withdrawals.

Admin can set restrictions on members (Example: a member's KYC must be approved before being able to pay using a card payment method or to initiate a withdrawal request)

Admin can check / revise each withdrawal request and process it manually.

Admin can enable the advanced security standards in the MLM platform such as and not limited to:

  • Encrypted Passwords
  • One-Way Hashing Encryption
  • 2nd Password
  • Email validation
  • Phone validation
  • KYC
  • Login OTP
  • Withdrawal OTP
  • Pin Code on Transactions
  • Brute-Force Protection
  • Anti-DDOS
  • Ban IP, Email, Words
  • Internal Captcha Module
  • Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Anti-Bot on Registration
  • Anti-Bot on Login
  • Anti-Bot on Forget Password
  • Cloudflare (Free & Pro)
  • Server's Mod-Security
  • Server's Firewall
  • and many more

To give the Admin "Website owner and/or his Staff" more control over where the business to function.

MHDscripts has added the Countries support to the Mastrata to work locally and/or gloablly.

You can decide to work locally with a local currency or global currency or any currency, setting your fees, prices, vat, commissions, and more.

You can decide to work globally with any currency, setting your fees, prices, vat, commissions, and more.

You can decide to start your MLM locally and then open it for the globe.

Beside the normal password to access your account, and the google captcha. Admin has more security features to be enabled with a click of a button such as:

  • Email Validation
  • Phone Validation
  • One-Way Encryption
  • 2nd password
  • PIN Code
  • Anti-Bot on Login
  • Login OTP
  • Withdrawal OTP
  • Anti-DDOS
  • Brute Force
  • Ban User/ email / words/ IP
  • Anti-Bot on Register
  • KYC and Fraud Protection
  • Internal Captcha
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Queue, Limitations and Restrictions
  • Anti-Bot on Forget Password
  • and much more

Beside the additional securities to be enabled on the server / hosting side such as: Mod-Security, Firewall, ClourdFlare "free and pro" and many more.

Admin can check all the members with status (Active Paid, Free, Blocked, All Status), and can send Email to any status.

Admin can check and sub-admins with roles "Staff" (Roles, Permissions, All).

Admin can enable / disable any Feature with a click of a button.

Admin can see the Total members, Total balances, Analytics, Total Purchases / Orders, Total Earnings, Total Withdrawals, Total Profits and many more.

Admin can handle his Website settings, seo, thumbnails, logo, content and many more.

Admin can add / edit / enable / disable languages (Multi-Language).

Admin can enable / disable the Live Chat support.

Newsletters, Landing pages, promotional banners, internal Blog Articles, Categories, New KYC Request, Caching, and internal support tickets messages with replies.

The Mastrata MLM Script comes with internal ready-made platforms and services (100% for Free for you) that you can offer to your clients and you can charge your customers to get access to those services.

  • Travel Portal API "Flights, Hotels, Taxi, Cars Rental,.."
  • Internal Courses System (Sell Education in Stages with Upgrades)
  • Internal Advertising Module "Ads Credits, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Solo Ads & Classified Ads"
  • Internal Online Shop "Sell physical and digital products"
  • Internal Coupons System "Buy/Sell Credit-Balance e-Coupons"
  • Internal Voucher System "Buy/Sell Membership Vouchers"
  • Internal Traffic System "Traffic Packs - Get Paid to: View websites, Watch videos, Share URLs"
  • 10 Digital Products white-labeled with your Brand
  • Internal Auto-Responder System "Automate your emails"
  • Internal Captcha, KYC and Security
  • Internal Support Ticket System
  • and many more

If you would like to standout with your MLM Solution, You can order any of these add-ons below with your order at any time now or later.

  • Internal Advertising Module "Banner Ads & Text Ads"  ( Free )
  • Travel Portal API "fully automated and white-labeled with your brand" ( Free )
  • Internal Traffic System "Get paid to view, watch and share" ( Free )
  • Courses-Upgrade Business Plan Module ( Free )
  • Salary Module in the Splitting-Boards plan  ( Free )
  • BigPay Payment Gateway API ( Free )

Our Developers are currently working on more Add-ons to support your expandable network marketing business

  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later via 3rd party
  • Global Legal Services platform API module
  • More templates and unique designs
  • More automated payout gateways "I-Payout, TygaPay, and more"
  • More automated payment gateways

Most of the web hosting companies already support our programming script requirements:

  • PHP 7.2 or 7.3 or higher
  • MySQL database
  • CronJob Cpanel
  • Send e-mails or smtp
  • Extensions : OpenSSL, ionCube Loader, Curl PHP extension

Get the advantage of our special offer: With your purchase to the Mastrata script, you will get the bonuses "gifts" below for Free:

  • Free Installation
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year
  • Free SSL Certificate for 1 Year
  • Free Support for 1 Year
  • Free Updates for 1 Year
  • 10 Digital Products white-labeled with your Brand
  • Free Consultation and Training Sessions on how to administrate your website
  • Free Revisions and Guidance on your CashFlow Calculations to prevent pyramid mathematics
  • Free follow-ups till you successfully launch your business in the way you want and after launching for 1 year for Free

Please read well the description, check the demo and take your time before purchasing. If you have any question, feel free to contact our support team before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy it by mistake. Because we don’t offer a refund.

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