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Network marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing “MLM” can be a valuable opportunity, provided the emphasis is placed on selling products or services rather than signing up new members. In order to start your own network marketing company website, you can enroll with an existing MLM organization or start your own website from the ground up, but if you go the Do It Yourself route you’ll need to establish a relationship with a wholesaler or manufacturer to turn out your actual product.

Select a product line or a service for your network marketing company. Start a nutritional network marketing company, for example, which is the most popular type of network marketing business.

Set the retail price of your products or services according to your supplier’s recommendations. Establish a commission structure or business plan for your distributors or affiliates or members or networkers on several different levels using MHDscripts. Set commissions at 10 percent, for example, for first-level sales where distributors earn money off those people they recruit. Set commissions on levels two and three at 5 percent each, for example, allowing distributors to earn commissions off people your distributors recruit.

Participating in an MLM can be profitable if members have a lot of people in their network, and if they’re willing to put in a lot of effort over time


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