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The WhatsApp "Whats App or Wapp or WA or Wussap or Wuss Ap" is an instant chat messaging mobile application and a voice-over-IP service owned by technology conglomerate the Meta Platforms. It allows users to send text messages, communicate by their mobile numbers, voice messages and video messages. The WhatsApp also enables voice calls, video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other data content. Whatsapp is a well-known chat app on android and ios that has been around for decades, and it continues to be the most popular way for online communications among individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to easily connect digitally.

According to Statista, the WhatsApp is the most popular and global messenger mobile app with approximately 2 Billion monthly active users, outranking the WeChat mobile app at 1.3 Billion users, and Facebook Messenger at 930 Million global users. Following Facebook and YouTube, Whats App is the third most popular social network worldwide. ( More details )

Whatsapp Statistics - Very Successful App

The WhatsApp was acquired in 2014 by the social media giant "Facebook" for approximately $19 Billion US Dollars, becoming the company’s most successful messaging app despite having transformed its flagship chat portal into a standalone app - Facebook Messenger - in 2010. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg "The CEO of Facebook" stated that Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp was closely related to the Internet .org vision of more affordable and efficient internet access worldwide.

The high number of WhatsApp Users means a great reach potential for entrepreneurs, brands and businesses. WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries in almost 60 languages with 100+ billion messages are sent through WhatsApp each day, this can also be seen as 41.7 million messages per hour, 694,444 messages in a minute, and 11,574 messages in a second. There are almost 2 billion minutes are spent on WhatsApp calls and almost 6.9 billion images are shared on WhatsApp chat each day.

Whats App Facts and Success in Billions

The Meta-owned platform "Whats App" regularly releases new updates to enhance the users experience and improve the security and privacy of the app. Recently, WhatsApp announced several new features, including the wapp chat lock, edit the sent messages within a time-frame, and a lot more.

The Digital Marketing via WhatsApp is profoundly effective for entrepreneurs, brands and businesses, as it allows them to interact and keep in touch with their customers – over half of its users ensure to check their WhatsApp on a daily basis. Even better, you can rest assured that these customers will receive all your promotional offers due to the whopping open rate of text messages.

The users (your customers) prefer this communication channel. Moreover, they tend to trust you even more, when they have chat apps. According to statistics, 53% of people claim they would purchase products and avail services from brands or websites or companies that can be reached via chat/instant messaging.

As the world advances swiftly, consumers expect to get all they can get while engaging with any business. The use of chat messengers serves as a golden opportunity for companies to boost their marketing strategy.

WhatsApp - Top Mobile Chat App Facts 2023 with countries and millions

The Whats App serve everyone "individuals and businesses". The Competition in this industry is fierce. There are a lot of online chat apps worldwide, but not all of them stay at the top for a long time. With so many chat apps and social platforms online today, entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking new ways to stand out from their competitors which means improving your communication ways and the methodology of broadcasting your promotions or news or updates or offers, and having new ideas to interact with your clients or to reach your potential customers, with quality products and advanced services to stay at the top.

Decisions taken today will likely set the pace for your business over the mid to long term. The present conditions therefore call for a careful evaluation and focused implementation.

The Problem or Challenge: Most of the entrepreneurs, startups and new businesses use whatsapp to send their campaigns of new products OR to broadcast promotions, they need to upload their Customers-List of phone numbers to make it easier for their broadcasts and campaigns, however Whats App doesn't offer this feature and the only way to do it equals a lot of manual work such as: Manually Saving Each Customer's Phone Number on your Mobile Phone, then you need to make a Manual Search on your whatsapp to see if that customer has a whatsapp account or not, then Manually Start to message each customer one by one, OR even try to Manually Add all your customers in a group with a limition of 250 >became> 1,024 customer per group and here is the biggest challenge with whatsapp: The customers in the Wapp Group can See Each-Other's Phone Numbers OR even Side-Chat Together behind You on whats app OR even Bring Negativity to your wa group OR Share Inappropriate Content inside your group among all your customers OR Cross-Marketing to your customers because your customers' phones and contacts already exposed to all the group members - Imagine If One of those Customers "Only 1" is actually your Competitor! How does that sound?. This is considered as one of the most important challenges that we-all face with whatsapp (For sure, we Love and Respect whatsapp as the #1 App in the world with so many features and making our livings easier, but we are here to show-case the challenges we-all face, with a full respect to the whatsapp team and devs). Another challenge to mention, you can only connect one whatsapp account in one device, as the whatsapp doesn't support multi-accounts on the same device!

The Solution: That's why MHDscripts supports you with the best Technology Software Solution "The WaCastuna Software" which Works Ethically through the Whatsapp Developers API, the WaCastuna Software gives freedom to Easily Upload your Customers-List from any CRM or Excel sheet or Text file, do the Automatic Check if they have whatsapp or not and bring your the result to export customers-list that have whatsapp "Auto-Clean your customer's list", can Re-Arrange your Customers-list by name or phone numbers, Send Separate or Private messages to each one of them with a click-of-a-button without exposing your customers details, can also Add all your customers to your group in no-time with a click-of-a-button, can Send Campaigns and Promotions to all your customers-list in no-time but due to the whatsapp terms in sending bulk messages so fast which might cause a blocking ; so you can use the Delay-Option Feature, you can even set your Auto-Answers to answer your customers automatically and even the Auto-Responder with Dynamic Messages "Answers / Replies" to fit the right questions of your customers. Now let's assume you created a whatsapp group or many groups and you have more customers coming into that group, No Problem, you can Export the whole Customers-List from the WA Group with a click-of-a-button and save it on your device and even compare it with the old customers-list to save the new updated list "Never Miss 1 Single Customer". You can also connect all your phone numbers "Whats app accounts" to the WaCastuna Software and get your campaigns distributed from them "Multi-Wapp-Accounts Supported". In case you are reading here using Google Translate or any translator, no worries, because the WaCastuna Software comes in Multi-Languages supported even Arabic RTL is supported.

We are living in the Artificial Intelligence "AI" Century and everyone has the right to fasten their tasks, automated their work and save their time using technology and softwares such as WaCastuna. The WaCastuna works in a tremendous speed using the ethical connections with the Whatsapp Developers API "Yes, forsure We Are Not Whatsapp. We are developers interacting ethically through the Global API-Documentation of the WhatsApp to offer such solutions, with full respect to the Whatsapp Team and Devs". WaCastuna Marketing Software is here to work ethically, save you time, help you automate your business and make your daily-tasks much-easier while you are focusing on growing your business and enhancing your offers.

Buy Now WaCastuna Top Entrepreneurs Software OpenSource Full Rebrand Master Resell Rights

The WaCastuna is considered as a Full Solution for Bulk Messages Sending via One or Unlimited Whats Accounts, you can add or connect your unlimited phone numbers "Wapp Accounts" to the WaCastuna software with a click of a button, manage all your whats app accounts in one place without installing different browsers, enable the multi-sessions saver "no need to scan qr code or reconnect your whatsapp accounts everytime you run the WaCastuna Software", manage and control the time-delay between messages, campaigns and conversations while engagine or auto-engaging with your customers / clients.

The WaCastuna Bulk Messages Sending is one of the most important features in the software, you can send bulk WhatsApp Messages to Customers and Prospects Directly From your PC or Laptop or any Windows Device to focus and improve on your marketing roles and make the fastest and easiest business communication. Entrepreneurs call this feature as Wapp Engager, Whats Sender, Whatsapp Bulk Sender, WA Sending, WA Bulk Engager, etc. This feature comes with powerful settings such as: Time-Delay between messages, replies and answers, also comes with Static and Dynamic replies or even manual replies, and full control to your Multi-Wapp-Accounts from inside the software.

The WaCastuna Schedule Messages "New Feature" helps you to schedule your messages or campaigns or promotions to be sent at a specific time with all the configurations of multi-accounts sending, time-delay and many more. No need to come-on-time for you campaigns. Just go Scheduled!

The WaCastuna Variable Messages Feature helps you to easily set vairable words or messages in order to prevent any auto-blocking that might happen from the wapp automated algorithm. You can set your variable keywords such {Hi} = {Hello} = {Good Evening} = {Bonjour} and many more, or for example: {Hello, Hope you are having a wonderful day} = {Hi there} = {Good day our amazing customer} = {Hope I'm not catching you in a wrong time} = {Wish you are having a great weekend} and many more. This way, you can have so many different messages going from your multi-wa-accounts to your customers and prospects, and from thereon you can enhance your campaigns and promotions in the way that fits your customers and prospects.

Content with Messages Feature allows you to easily send any Attachment with your message such as photo or image, audio, video, pdf, word document, ppt, etc. Remember: clients love to see visual offers, so it's your time now to blast out your offers and promotions visually with your customers-lists. 

The WaCastuna Auto-Answers and Auto-Responder Features help you easily set ready answers "Static and Dynamic", whenever you customer decide to interact with you, he or she will receive the right answer in no-time. Yes, from now-on you are totally responsive in answering your satisfied-customers. You have the full control on the responding and answering time with so many configurations available.

The WaCastuna Add-to-Group Feature helps you to easily add your unlimited customers and prospects to one or many groups with a click-of-a-button. Don't waste your time again with manual work and focus on your business and creativity.

The WaCastuna Auto-Join-Groups Feature helps you to easily join unlimited number of groups, just insert the group links inside the software and it will make you join all those groups automatically, without wasting your time. You can find thousands or even millions of whatsapp groups urls online.

The WaCastuna Auto-Send-to-Groups Feature helps you to easily send messages to the joined-groups with a click-of-a-button. Advice: never send spam, always try to be polite and push your offers in a nice way without offending anyone. Remember: there are admins for any whatsapp group and they can kick-you-out of their group or even mark you as spam. Do it in the right way or don't use this feature.

The WaCastuna Grab-From-Group Feature helps you easily grab or export your customers from whatsapp groups, you can export them in an excel sheet or text sheet, even you can compare them with the other customers-lists you have to auto-remove any duplication.

The WaCastuna Grab-From-Search-Engine "New Feature" allows you to search for your prospects online through Google Search Engine with filtering according to your Niche or Industry / Countries / Cities / and many more filters, to find the right targeted fresh prospects or leads and export them in an Excel sheet or Text file. This new feature works ethically on Google through the Google Public Results. (Imagine if you are doing that manually, searching page by page to find your leads and saving them. This tools will save your time).

The WaCastuna Design "User Interface - UI" is done in a modern way with interactive buttons and acessable through any windows desktop or laptop or device. The WaCastuna Software includes all the visual elements and interaction points to ensure that the software is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Our goal of the effective User Interface is to make the user's experience easy and intuitive, requiring minimum effort on the user's part to receive the maximum desired results.

Activation Process "WaCastuna License Key" is done easily, once you download and run the WaCastuna software, you can see the Activation Requesting Code that you need to copy, and paste it inside your MHD Dashboard > Licenses to get your License Key to activate the Software for 1 year. You can extend your license duration by adding this product as many times as you want in the cart (example: quantity 3 of this product in the cart = license for 3 years). You can contact us if you need any help.

You can Resell the software and also sell License Keys (License Keys Generator - If you buy the Open-Source), if you are motivated about this software, we also sell this software Open-Source to allow you to makesure of the quality and transparency of the software, and to be able to rebrand it with your company brand "free white-label and free elite resell rights - Yes you can resell it and sell unlimited license keys" or even enahnce it with more features. You can ( Click Here ) to buy the open source.

The WaCastuna Windows Software offers a big variety of solutions and features for everyone. 

You can use any feature at any time such as and not limited to:

WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Unlimited Accounts
You can connected unlimited whatsapp phone numbers to the software
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Unlimited Messages
You can easily send unlimited messages to unlimited contacts
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Send to Groups
You can easily send messages to your joined-groups
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Messages Configurations
You can easily set message variables for unlimited sending
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Auto-Responder Ethical Bot
Set your ready replies and answers and be responsive
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Export Group Members
You can easily export the group members with jus a click
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Auto-Join Groups
Paste WA Group Links and join them with just a click of a button
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Bulk Group Members
You can easily add bulk members to your groups
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Catch G Leads
You can find, extract and export fresh leads through the results of google maps
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Social Extractor
Extract fresh Leads from social media "public profiles that show phone number"
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Filter Numbers
You can filter the phone numbers of your leads and customers unlimited lists
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Validate Numbers
You can validate the phone numbers of your leads and customers unlimited lists
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Poll Results
You can get the poll or voting results with a click of a button
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Easy Management
You can easily manage all your wapp accounts with a click of a button
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Save Sessions
No need to login with WA QRcodes every time you use the software
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Fast Activation
Activate the WaCastuna software using the License Key
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Warmer / Engager
You can start and end the warming up process "chats and conversations" at any time
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Time-Delay
You can set a time delay options between each message in the chat or conversation
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Export Conversation
You can export the group conversations history / logs with a click of a button
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Export Contacts
You can export the contacts or phone numbers with a click of a button
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Send Direct Messages
You can send any message to any whatsapp phone number from inside the software
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Multi-Languages
The WaCastuna software comes with 20+ Languages (Arabic RTL included)
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Software Documentation
The WaCastuna software comes with a full documentation covering from A to Z
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Installation Guidance
The WaCastuna software comes with a step by step installation guidance
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Free Updates
We always improve our softwares. You will get 1 Year Free Updates with your purchase
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Modern UI
The WaCastuna comes with a beautiful design and easy-to-use user interface
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software Open Source
You can purchase the Open-Source with white-label and resell rights ( More details )
WaCastuna Whats App Sender Solution Wapp Engager Software License Generator
With your Open-Source purchase, You will get also the License Keys Generator


The WaCastuna Software works ethically using latest WhatsApp API

You are connecting your Wapp Accounts via the WhatsApp QR-Code Scan

The Connections are secured via the Whats App End to End Encryption

You can save the sessions / connections of your Wapp accounts inside your software on your own desktop or pc.

You can logout or disconnect any wapp account from the software or even from your own mobile app

The software works normally on any Windows pc or desktop or device. If the software is not opening on your device, please install the below:

Get the advantage of our special offer: With your purchase to the WaCastuna Software, you will get the bonuses "gifts" below for Free:

  • Software License Key for 1 Year
  • Free Updates for 1 Year
  • Free WhatsApp Marketing Course
  • List of 15,000+ WA Public Group URLs
  • Free Guidance
  • Free Support
  • Software Documentation

Please read well the description, check the demo and take your time before purchasing. If you have any question, feel free to contact our support team before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy it by mistake. Because we don’t offer a refund.

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