E-Commerce Marketplaces Revolution transforms Buy and Sell through Technology

E-Commerce Marketplaces Revolution transforms Buy and Sell through Technology

Most entrepreneurs and businesses with an online presence use an online store or marketplace platform to conduct the e-commerce marketing and sales activities locally and globally. According to the resource "eMarketer", by 2025, the total online spending will exceed $7 trillion. To run an e-commerce business, you have to sell something (Pysical Products or Digital Services). The impact of ecommerce is far and wide, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer jobs are projected to increase by 13.4% over the 2020–2030 decade — which is 5.7% points faster than the 7.7% average for all occupations.

In recent years, the number of the online marketplaces has increased. The newcomers are functioning alongside with giants as Amazon, eBay, OpenTable, Uber, Airbnb, and AliExpress. According to research by Internet Retailer, 35 of the current top 75 online marketplaces launched between 2010 and 2015, including physical stores that went online.

  • eBay has a market cap or net worth of $21.46 Billion as of November 27, 2023 ( More details )
  • Amazon net worth as of December 07, 2023 is $1,517.86 Billion ( More details )
  • The marketplace Retailo raises $15 million to accelerate expansion ( More details )
  • The Egyptian handicraft e-commerce startup Muqbis raises funding ( More details )
  • The 9 marketplace startups to watch, according to investors ( More details )
  • Whop Raises $17 Million to revolutionize the Online Marketplace for Digital Goods ( More details )
  • Amazon buying the Dubai-based ecommerce company SOUQ for $580 million ( More details )
  • The Swedish Hybrid Marketplace Norban Raises €2 Million Investment ( More details )
  • The Online marketplace Faire's $400 million funding lifts valuation to $12.4 billion ( More details )
  • Kenya's online marketplace AfricaSokoni raises $445k from an angel investor ( More details
  • Saudi furniture marketplace Baytonia raises Seed round ( More details )
  • The France-based online marketplace Farmitoo for farm equipment, has raised €10 million in fresh funding ( More details )
  • And much more

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The e-commerce is not a fad but a valuable long-term strategy. In just 3 years from now, it’s supposed to take up trillions of dollars in the market share. If you are an online retailer, it’s important to step up on Black Friday. Here’s why: $9.12 billion was spent on Black Friday in 2022—more than the $5.3 billion that customers spent on Thanksgiving and $3.14 billion they spent on Veterans Day that same year. While Black Friday was a big day for e-commerce businesses in 2022, Cyber Monday proved to be even more profitable. Customers spent $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday, compared to the $9.12 billion they spent on Black Friday.

Decisions taken today will likely set the pace for Marketplaces over the mid to long term. The present conditions therefore call for a careful evaluation and focused implementation.

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