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refers to firms using new technology to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services such as payments, trasfers, withdrawals and many more. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data are regarded as the "A B C D" (four key areas) of fintech.

After decades of hypergrowth, fintechs have entered a new era of value creation, where the focus is on sustainable and profitable growth. Fintech startups can get funded and pitch investors. The most common method is through venture capital firms. These firms invest in high-growth startups that own a website with productivity and provide them with the capital they need to scale and expand their businesses. Another way that fintech startups can get funded is through angel investors.

As of July 2023, publicly traded FinTech companies represented a market capitalization of $550 billion, which is a 2x increase versus 2019. In addition, as of the same period, there were more than 272 fintech unicorns with a combined valuation of $936 billion, a sevenfold increase from 39 firms valued at $1 billion or more five years ago.

  • Stripe slashes valuation to $50 billion in new $6.5 billion funding round ( More details )
  • Paymob raises $50 million Series B round ( More details )
  • YC-backed Ziina raises $7.5M seed led by Avenir Growth Capital and Class 5 Global ( More details )
  • Fintech Startup Ramp Raises $300M At Slashed Valuation ( More details )
  • Fintech Startups Hit $121.7B In Total Funding, A $20B Increase In A Year ( More details )
  • NEXT Insurance secures $265m partnership deal with Allstate and Allianz X ( More details )
  • QI Tech secures $200m Series B funding led by General Atlantic ( More details )
  • Saudi FinTech Tabby achieves $1.5bn valuation after latest fundraising ( More details )
  • UK’s premier app-based bank Atom clinches £100m ($123m) injection ( More details )
  • AgentSync bags $50m to bring funding total to an impressive $161m ( More details )
  • And much more

Pay2Pay FinTech raised funds globally

Emerging markets will fuel much of this revenue growth. Fintech revenues in Africa, Asia–Pacific (excluding China), Latin America, and the Middle East represented 15% of fintech’s global revenues last year. We estimate that they will increase to 29% in aggregate by 2028. On the other hand, North America, currently accounting for 48%  of worldwide fintech revenues, is expected to decrease its share to 41% by 2028.

FinTech future 2028

A report from FinTech Global earlier this year found that cryptocurrency has experienced a lot of support in the UAE this year. Of the 24 deals to close in H1 2023, 42$ of these were for companies operating in the blockchain and crypto sector. Like many countries, the FinTech space in the UAE has seen a drop in deal activity, with there being a 54% decline YoY during the first half of 2023. An even bigger drop was seen in the investment volume, with the country’s FinTech sector experiencing a 72% decline in capital invested.

Top Dubai UAE FinTech Companies Raised Funds Pitch Investors

The fintech industry is undergoing a sea change, so players will have to evolve to survive. Approaches will vary, depending on each fintech’s maturity level and its vertical and geographic focus.

The framework for sustainable growth provides a strong foundation:

  1. Measured growth based on a stable core: Ensure there is a strong and stable core business with a targeted and proven market fit before expanding, rather than trying to grow while strengthening the core.
  2. Programmatic M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions): Pursue M&A strategically and establish mutually beneficial partnerships based on a programmatic strategy rooted in value sharing (with incumbents and other fintechs), as opposed to pursuing M&A only as a response to a low-valuation environment.
  3. Cost discipline: Control costs to withstand the new funding environment while remaining flexible, nimble, and compliant.
  4. Keep the culture alive: Maintain the agility, innovation, and culture that have been the bedrock of disruption so far.

Decisions taken today will likely set the pace for FinTechs over the mid to long term. The present conditions therefore call for a careful evaluation and focused implementation.

is considered as the most important part while starting your FinTech Company, That's why MHDscripts supports you with the best Financial Technology Programming Solutions "Pay2Pay Script" that gives financial freedom, grow your business and many more.

Top FinTech Programming Software Features cash money script

Disclaimer: MHDscripts is not responsible for what you use our software for. Not all scripts provide all the solutions to your business model.

MHDscripts is dedicated to Financial Technology Applications Development

This Pay2Pay FinTech Script is considered as a FinTech solution, payment solution, payout solution, individual solution, business / merchant solution and also a wallet solution (6-in-1 FinTech Platform) built with the latest laravel framework. Our Pay2Pay Programming Script solves problems related to money collection, money transfer and money withdrawal. Pay2Pay supports multiple currencies, transfer to anyone, requests money by email, request money by payment links (*supports 1-to-Many, and clients can pay using several payment methods without having an account), storefront, recurring / subscriptions, invoices, appointment / coaching / consulting booking (by Location or Online), expenses & budgeting, Digital POS, API checkout (Accept Merchants with KYC Compliance), HTML checkout (easier online payments), Popup & redirect JS, currency swapping, payout to any bank account, and many more.

It’s easy to install the Pay2Pay script within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge, even you will get Free Installation + Free 1 Year Hosting + Free 1 Year SSL Certificate + Free 1 Year Support with your order purchase.

Clients "Users or Individuals" can create an account on your Pay2Pay Platform as an individual or merchant. Each client will get access to his client area with all the features of his wallet to top-up, transfer, withdraw, request money by email, request money by pay-with-link, currency conversion, expenses/budgeting, ... and many more.

Merchants "Businesses or Website Owners or Entrepreneurs" have the same features of the clients area plus the Merchant API Section to track their payments. Each Merchant can add unlimited websites (same methodology as Stripe), and can track, search and filter his transactions with just a click of a button.

Admin (You - the Website Owner) and your Sub-Admins (Staff or Co-Admins) can accept/decline any merchant compliance, kyc and features. As well as the full control and history for payments and transactions.

The Pay2Pay FinTech Programming Script comes with a variety of automatic Payment and Withdrawal gateways that supports Instant Payment Notification "IPN", supporting Fiat Currencies, Crypto Currencies, E-Currencies, E-Banks, E-Wallets, Bank Transfers, and many more.

You can enable/disable any of the available payment gateways with a click of a button: 
Internal Wallet, Stripe, Paypal, PayMob, RazorPay, Pagadito, SSLCommerz, Coingate, Flutterwave, Bank Wire Transfers, SEPA Transfers, IPA Transfers, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cheques "Manually", Add any Manual Methods, AdvCash, NowPayments, Direct Credit/Debit Card API Connection with your Bank (Add-On), and still more automated gateways - coming soon

Pay2Pay Payment Gateways Stripe Flutterwave Pagadito CoinGate

Users or Clients can deposit money inside their Pay2Pay account through the enabled payment methods inside the platform, and Mobile Topups.

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each deposit or transaction happening in the system / platform.

Users can send money to anyone through their email address. If their email is not registered, an email will be sent to the receiver to register and confirm the transfer was received. The receiver or recipient has a limitation of 5 days to confirm the payment or the money will be refunded to the sender. 

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each transfer or money request happening in the platform.

Users can request money from anyone through their email address (or Request by Link "explained below", or Request by QRcode "explained below"). If their email is not registered, an email will be sent to the receiver to register and pay. The receiver or recipient has a limitation of 5 days to pay or the request will be canceled.

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each transfer or money request happening in the platform.

Our Pay2Pay extra-ordinary Feature "Pay-With-Link" stands out among any other programming company, we call it: Request Money by a Link. Imagine you are having a big seminar or webinar and you need to push an offer right now to all your audience to jump and buy your offer right now, what are you going to do ? Are you going to create a pay with link for each customer alone with the details of each customer!! No Way !! and they must have an account inside this FinTech website to pay to you!! No Way !! Exactly.

Here comes the power of our feature, you will just create your offer from inside your account (a click of a button) with the amount you need to collect and share the link with all you audience. Your audience will click the link to fill in their important details such as name, email,.. and pay directly in no time using the payment methods available (Even if they don't have a Pay2Pay account, it's okay, they can pay through different payment methods without having a Pay2Pay account).

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each payment through the Pay Links happening in the platform.

The User can generate a QR Code for his Pay2Pay account to receive any amount from his customers, or he can generate a QR Code for his payment link with the amount specified, which is easily scanned by your customer to do the payment using his balance on your Pay2Pay FinTech platform or through the payment methods available.

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each payment through the Pay Links and QR Codes payments happening inside the platform.

Funds that are sent by individuals working in foreign countries back to their home countries. The migrant "sender" pays the remittance to the sending agent using cash, check, money order, credit card, debit card, or a debit from his internal wallet. The sending agency instructs its agent in the recipient's country to deliver the remittance.

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each remittance transaction happening inside the platform.

Allow your merchants to use your Pay2Pay FinTech Platform as a payment gateway. Merchants connect their website payment plugin with the Pay2Pay Checkout API to receive payments easily and automically from their clients. The Pay2Pay clients / users can easily pay to any merchant using their wallet balance. Even non-users can pay using the payment gateways enabled by Admin (even without having a Pay2Pay FinTech Account).

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each payment or transaction happening inside the Pay2Pay platform.

Accept Merchants on your Pay2Pay FinTech Platform, to allow them to receive payments from their customers through you. Well-established API Documentation and Unique API KEYS for each merchant (Sandbox Test Mode and Live Mode)

Imagine yourself becoming the next big giant in the FinTech space with multi solutions for individuals and businesses, even offering them multi-options of payment methods (all in one place).

Admin can enable/disable each merchant.

Admin can set the fees (Admin Profit) on each transaction happening for the merchants.

Pay your utility bills with a click of a button. Paying utility bills using a mobile banking application or platform provided by your bank

Admin can enable/disable this feature and most of the features.

Admin can set the fees (company profit) on each Bill transaction happening inside the Pay2Pay system.

Each Client or Merchant has his own internal Wallet inside your Pay2Pay FinTech platform, to easily top-up / deposit, transfer, request, pay, checkout, and withdraw.

Admin can choose the default currency, enable/disable any currency and set the currency rate (company profit).

With the recent increase in fraud, a Pay2Pay Compliance form has to set limitations to payouts / withdrawals. The Withdrawal privilege ranges now from an Individual "User / client" to a Business "Merchant" account.

Admin can approve/disapprove any KYC Verification "Compliance" request and any withdrawal "Payout request".

With the storefront, you can group products and sell them all in one place.

It contains Product category, shipping address & rates with more features that have been added recently.

To give the Admin "Website owner and/or his Staff" more control over where the business to function, MHDscripts has added the Countries supported to the Pay2Pay FinTech Script.

For the Withdrawals "payouts", we have also added the Banks supported to make your business easier.

Admin can enable/disable any country supported and any payment & withdrawal method.

Beside the normal password to access your account, and the google captcha. Admin has more security features to be enabled with a click of a button such as Email Validation and Two Factor Authentication "2FA" Security which is highly advised to secure your clients account. Beside the other securities to be enabled on the server / hosting side such as: Mod-Security, Firewall, and many more.

Admin can enable/disable any feature.

Admin can check all the users with status (Active, Unverified Email, Unverified KYC, Blocked users, All Status), and can send Email to any status.

Admin can check all the merchants with status (Active, Unverified Email, Unverified KYC, Blocked merchants, All Status), and can send Email to any status.

Admin can check and sub-admins with roles "Staff" (Roles, Permissions, All), and can send Email to admins.

Admin can enable / disable any FinTech Feature with a click of a button.

Admin can see the Total Users, Total Merchants, Analytics, Total Deposits, Total Remittance, Total Withdrawals, Total Profits and many more.

Admin can handle his FinTech Website settings, seo, thumbnails, logo, content and many more from the admin panel.

Admin can add / edit / enable / disable languages (Multi-Language already available).

Admin can enable / disable the Live Chat support.

Admin can Push Notification to the users and merchants.

Newsletters, GDPR Cookies, Caching module, and internal support tickets messages with replies.

Admin Notifications are automated to notify the admin about new requests or compliances or new support tickets.

Admin can check all the transactions happening in the system such as: Deposits History, Withdrawals History, Remittance History, Bills payments History, Mobile Topups History, Pay Links History, Profit History.

If you would like to standout with your FinTech Solution, You can order any of these add-ons below with your order at any time now or later.

  • Virtual Pre-Paid Cards API via Flutterwave, Sudo-Africa, StroWallet and Stripe ( + $2,000 )
  • Mobile Apps: Android and IOS ( + $3,000 )
  • NFC Payments Features on the Mobile Apps ( + $500 )
  • NowPayments Payment Gateway API ( + $100 )

Our Developers are currently working on more Add-ons to support your expandable FinTech business

  • Internal Store "eShop" and Products Module
  • Donation and Crowd system
  • Recurring / Subscription payments
  • Banking System via Weavr (Allow your clients to get: IBAN, SEPA, Swift and Virtual / physical Debit Cards)
  • Loans, Savings and Buy-Now-Pay-Later via a self-stand Fin-Tech Script
  • More automated payment gateways

Most of the web hosting companies already support our programming script requirements:

  • PHP 8.0 "Laravel 9.1"
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Terminal
  • Composer
  • Extensions : Ctype PHP, JSON, Mbstring, OpenSSL, PDO, Tokenizer, XML, Zip, Fileinfo, Gd, sodium Extension, Mod_rewrite Apache, BCMath PHP extension

Get the advantage of our special offer: With your purchase to the Pay2Pay script, you will get the bonuses "gifts" below for Free:

  • Free Installation
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year
  • Free SSL Certificate for 1 Year
  • Free Support for 1 Year
  • Free Consultation and Training Sessions on how to administrate your website
  • Free follow-ups till you successfully launch your business in the way you want and after launching for 1 year for Free

Please read well the description, check the demo and take your time before purchasing. If you have any question, feel free to contact our support team before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy it by mistake. Because we don’t offer a refund.

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